29 March 2010

Updates from a Bad Ass

* Today I finished Week 5 of Couch to 5k (I'm starting my weeks on Wednesdays). The workout today was to run 20 minutes straight, which I thought would be really tough for me. But I MADE IT! And I wasn't dying at the end! That's right - I'm a bad ass.
* I haven't been getting much done in the way of schoolwork lately. I freaked out a bit this morning, but I got it together. I feel like tomorrow will be a very productive day!
* I haven't heard from my Sissa much recently... I'm sure she's busy, but I miss her.
* I spoke to my grandma today and felt a bit bad for not calling her more often. But it's nice to talk to her. She got the Internet recently, which is bizarre in my mind (considering I just gave her her first computer - my old one - when I was there for Christmas) but very cool.
* I'm excited to see how Jonty's family celebrates Easter. I'll miss my family a lot though. Yet again, I may say thank goodness for Skype.
* I leave for Kenya in just over a week!!! We'll be staying with the family of a friend of mine in Nairobi (the capital city). His dad is an MP, & I'm excited about chatting with him about politics in Kenya. I'm also just excited to see how their household is run & how the neighborhood & city are set up. Jonty & I were looking some things up today, & we're possibly planning a weekend trip over to Mombasa (the beach)! We're going to play it by ear & be last minute little travelers, which hopefully will turn out amazing rather than stressful, haha.
* At the moment, Jonty & I are about to watch some Firefly & maybe a bit of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I hope you all have a nice evening too!


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