09 March 2010

Simple Happiness Tips #2 & #3

I'm a bit late in posting my Monday Simple Happiness Tip, but Google Chrome has been acting up on my computer lately, & I had to get away from the browser for a while. Which leads to this tip:

Step away. Despite time constraints, stress, etc., stepping away from whatever you're doing will allow you to come back refreshed and (more) relaxed.

And another:

Don't deal with broken things. This might seem silly, but if it's broken, fix it. Or get a new one. Dealing with that cell phone that only charges when you jiggle the power connection just right or that lamp shade that keeps slipping off the lamp (both cases are from personal experience) will contribute just a little bit more tension to your life, and you don't need that! Fix it or trash it - don't deal with it.

I'll be back later with some London talk/photos.



  1. Those are great tips. So simple. I especially like the broken stuff one. You're right- following that would make life so much simpler!



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