02 March 2010

Day Trip to Bath

Since the weather is becoming increasingly more agreeable lately, my friend Katie & I went on a mini-adventure to the city of Bath, which is a short train ride from Bristol. It's a really lovely city - quite a lot bigger than a expected, &, I'd argue, a bit more upscale than Bristol. My camera battery died halfway through our trip, but here are a few of the shots I got before that happened.

I love a good door, & the color & design on these ones are incredible!

The view from near the bridge; we found better views later on, but of
course my camera was dead by then. It a really pretty area though,
& I plan to go back & read on the grass when it gets warmer!

Bristol Cathedral. We didn't go inside, but we admired the outside for quite a while.

The Roman Bath House.

The foyer of the Bath House. I love the columns & ceiling!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love ornate ceilings?

Or my adoration for chandeliers?

This is how some of the floor looks from the Roman times. It was
covered by other floors & then rediscovered last century or so.

We touched it, & it was nice & warm. I wanted to go swimming in it!

Overall, I really enjoyed Bath. It was a fun place to explore. We had a pub lunch (veggie burger & curly fries - mmm!), wandered the shops, got a bit lost (on purpose) around town, saw a really cool old cemetery & thought about breaking in to read the tombstones but didn't, went into a cool glass blowing shop, & looked out over the river. There are some really lovely grassy places near the river that I can't wait to go back to in warmer weather so I can lay around on it and read and "eat cheese," as Katie said.

Speaking of warmer weather, this week has been pretty nice: 45-50 degrees (F). The sun is out, & you can see spring coming. It's funny to see how eager we all are for spring; people were wearing shorts & sunglasses & sitting out on the grass. While I was one of these people, I do think it's funny. It's still sweater weather, but we're all so ready for summer that we push the limit a bit. Anyway, I'm appreciative of this lovely week, of the sun, & of my lovely friends.



  1. i want those doors on my future house. obviously.

  2. These photographs are great.

  3. As a fan of historic architecture, archaeology and the UK, I loved this post!

    I see you're studying Philosophy. My favourite's always been Nietzsche. You?

  4. Thanks, Des!

    Barry: My favorite is Plato. I love the historical background and Socrates' sarcasm.

  5. I am positively jealous of your Bath adventure, not to mention the fact that you live in the UK. But your pictures satisfy my craving, so THANK YOU!!

    This was beauuuutiful. :)


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