07 March 2010

Isn't Life Ironic?

This evening I took the train back to Bristol from Oxford. Upon arriving in Bristol, I realized I had no change for bus fare. So I went to the W H Smiths in the station to buy a bottle of water and get change. The guy behind me was also buying a water, and the cashier recommended that we make our purchase together, since the water bottled were 2 for £2. I only had a £20 note and the man only had a £5 note, so the man said he would be happy to purchase my water for me. I was moved by the generosity of this stranger and thanked him. I then realized, however, that I needed to buy that water because I needed change. (So I went back and bought some nuts.) I found that situation incredibly ironic. The time that a stranger acts out of kindness is the one time that I actually need to be the one making the transaction. Funny, huh?

I hope everyone is enjoying the last of their weekend. I'm enjoying it by watching an episode of House, eating a delicious orzo salad from Marks & Spencer, and drinking a glass of red wine.


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