09 March 2010

Girls' Day Out in London

This past weekend, my friend Denise (who I know from home but lives in Oxford) & I took a day trip into London. After a ridiculous morning of forgotten wallets & jumping into taxis, I dropped off my visa app at the Kenyan Embassy just ten minutes before they closed their doors at noon. Then we started our day right with some pub grub & a pint.

We then wandered for a bit, through a park,

into Australia shop (which had lots of lovely foods from home that are hard, if not impossible, to find here),

around Covent Garden (below is a paella stand that smells sooo amazing),

& more Covent Garden (I loved this store's window displays).

Then we went for dinner at Wahaca, a Mexican restaurant near Covent Garden.

We ate tacos, quesadillas, rice, & salad, which was all delicious. A good Mexican restaurant is almost impossible to find in the UK, so we really appreciated the food! The most exciting part, though, was the margaritas!!! 

We thoroughly enjoyed them.

Once I got home, I realized something really cool about the matchbooks we were given at the restaurant. They're actually "Grow your own Serrano chillies" kits. (You prepare a pot of compost and then stick these little stakes in.) How awesome is that???

After dinner, we headed over to the Adelphi Theatre to see Love Never Dies.

We loved the show!

Overall, it was a really fun day out in the city with my good friend.



  1. London looks amazing! My cousin's studying abroad in London now and I'm JEALOUS!

  2. nobody will ever appreciate the deliciousness of mexican food until they live abroad.

  3. What a fun day! The matchbooks totally would have made my day. Thanks for sharing :) P.s. are the bangs new? They look awesome on you!

  4. Sobrina, The bangs kind of go through different stages. So perhaps at the time they had recently changed? Anyway, thank you :.)


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