26 May 2010

The Box Game

This past weekend, Jonty and I strolled down to our friend Mike's house for a barbeque. With the amazing weather gracing us with its presence here in England, you have to appreciate it while it lasts. The food was delicious, especially our amaaazing potato salad, which was a big hit! (At least we think it was a big hit... but we ate most it it ourselves because we liked it so much!)

Over the course of the evening, we ate, chatted, roasted marshmallows by the fire, and played The Box Game.

The essence of The Box Game is this: A small box (cereal or soda can box) is placed on the floor. Players must pick up the box using only their teeth, without letting any part of their body but their feet touch the floor. At the end of each round, an inch or two is ripped off the top of the box, and the new round begins.

After many rounds and a major rip in my jeans (those puppies are hot pants now), the game got intense. The ending round was picking up that tiny square of cardstock that you can see in the bottom right corner of the last picture. And there were three winners! (I was not one of them--I lost out two rounds before.)

It was absolutely ridiculous but an amusing way to spend the evening.


P.S. Yes that is me in the purple top, with short hair. I've cut it again, and I'm not feeling it, which is why I've been keeping it a secret! I guess the cat's out of the bag now.

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  1. hilarious! that looks so fun. Your hair looks cute from the back!


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