05 May 2010

To Do This Summer

* start a book club
* have lots of barbeques
* set up a weekly dinner party round
* go to Berlin
* visit the University of Edinburgh
* create a new, more personalized, blog layout
* take salsa classes
* explore more of Bristol and Bath
* check out Stonehenge
* try lots of new recipes
* find more farmer's markets
* sell my old books on eBay
* start my Etsy shop
* get back into a workout routine

There are still 3 1/2 weeks and 12,000 or so words standing between me and summer... I'm really struggling not to wish that time away!



  1. Hang in there Breenuh! It will be over soon enough! And you have so many things to be rewarded with.
    Thats an excellent list! Especially the book club and BBQs! If only I could convince the weather to start being BBQ worthy.

  2. You're welcome to add:
    *visit Sacramento
    to the list. Thank you.

  3. I absolutely love this summer to do list! I was just working on mine. Good luck with everything on your list :-)

  4. Just wanted to say hi! And also, I've started a list of to-do's for summer too!


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