03 May 2010

The Dangerous Summer

Last week was full of music. I wrote yesterday about the band we saw last Monday. Later in the week, we went to see a band from across the pond, The Dangerous Summer, in part of their two-week UK tour.

While the lead singer maybe said the F word a few too many times for my taste (not that I have a problem with the word, but it should be used in context, not as a comma), we chatted with him a bit after the show, & he was an incredibly nice guy. The band is awesome, & they were awesome to see live.

This song is really catchy:
[Disclaimer: it might get stuck in your head... but it's worth it!]

Another good one (I love the key changes):

Oh oh, I also got one of their tee shirts, which is totally 80's-tastic! (Thanks Jonty!)


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