13 May 2010

Thank You Letters

Dear Jonty,
Thank you for making me breakfast and/or lunch every day this week. It has really helped decrease my stress, and it always cheers me up.

Dear Plato,
Thank you for writing down accounts of Socrates. If you didn't, we wouldn't know all that much about his awesomeness.

Dear Skype,
Thank you for existing. You help me stay close to my family and friends, even when we're half a world apart.

Dear Berlin,
I can't wait to meet you. I'm hearing great things about you. Get ready for me to visit in August!

Dear Easy Jet and Ryan Air,
Thank you for making it easy and cheap to travel in Europe. You tempt me daily, but I like it.

Dear blogosphere,
Thank you for listening to my scattered thoughts, rants and raves, silly ideas, wish lists, and musical loves. And thanks for sharing all these things and more with me too.

Dear Dee Dee and Leah,
Thanks for the (thank you) letters blog idea.




  1. I am so jealous you get to go to Berlin!

  2. Dear Brina,

    Thank you for being awesome. You are like the postal service. Rain, sleet, and snow are no match for you. Unless they flood the street, make you slip, or make you get frostbite.
    ... but they do not ruin your awesomeness!


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