02 May 2010

In Gratitude

Gah... I know, I know... I'm reeeaaalllly holding out on Kenya photos. But the truth is, I feel so guilty working on them when I should be writing the essays for my HUGE deadline at the end of the month. And when I'm not working on my essays, I just can't be bothered to do anything that requires any thinking. So, maybe we can just ignore my negligence for a while. What do you think? Thanks guys; you're the best.

Speaking of the best... Last week, Jonty & I went to see one of our favorite bands, In Gratitude, at The Croft in Bristol. In Gratitude is from an hour south of Bristol in Somerset, which is cool. Their musicianship is fantastic, and in general their songs are really good. I had met the band briefly a couple of months ago and had the opportunity to chat with the band members--Matthew Guttridge, Andrew England, Daniel Hayes, & Adam Mason--at the gig. They are really awesome guys. I can't recommend this band enough.

This is my favorite of their songs:

And here's a new song, not yet recorded, from a gig on their tour a couple of days after we saw them:



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