12 May 2010

"Oh, are you here for the conference?"

Oh my, I'm incredibly embarrassed right now.

A few minutes ago, I saw coffee, tea, and cookies being moved from inside a room in the Grad Center to a table outside of the room. Assuming this was leftovers from a conference, I go for some coffee. I notice that the milk containers are quite full, but at this point I've poured my coffee so there's no turning back.

Suddenly, Dude to my right says, "Oh, are you here for the conference?"

Caught red-handed with coffee in my hands, my first reaction spews out. "Yeah, what time is it? Are we starting yet?"

He tells me that it's 3 o'clock but not to worry because the lead speaker hasn't yet arrived. So I claim to have to gather my things, and go into the study room with all my stuff.

Incredibly nervous that Dude (who I think might be the head of the Grad School) is going to come alert me when the conference in starting, I jet to the basement study room with my laptop and notebook, leaving all my other belongings.

So now I'm in hiding, expecting every footstep to be Dude coming to find me. I've even asked my friend Ikbal to go upstairs to grab my coffee for me. Because if I'm going to suffer this embarrassment, I might as well enjoy the coffee while it's hot, right?

Ughhh. How much more awkward can I get???

At least I didn't take a cookie.



  1. That is SO something I would do! Enjoy your coffee!

  2. hahaha!
    that is such a great moment. i really wish you would have taken a cookie too. then you might have said you were the speaker! :)

  3. Too funny! I would have done the same thing :)


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