20 May 2010


I have recently discovered something amazing here in the UK: Graze. It's basically the equivalent to the Produce Delivery service (you know, where you get a supply of local, usually organic, produce brought to your doorstep), except by mail. You can choose from several different types of boxes, which include GrazeFruit (includes fresh fruit and a mix of nuts/seeds/olives/snacks and dried fruit) and GrazeNibble (nuts/snacks and dried fruit), and they will also tailor the boxes to your wants (e.g. weight loss, energy, immunity boost). You can go through the fruits and mixes and tell them what you prefer and what you don't like. Then again, these are not necessary steps. If you want to keep things simple, you can just go on and click GrazeFruit or GrazeNibble and then order. The first one is free and the second is half price... but after that they're still only £2.99, which is pretty reasonable.

Anyway, they bring up some good points about grazing during the day rather than just eating one big lunch, and I think they're vital to share.

First, grazing prevents that mid-afternoon slump. It encourages you to eat slow-release foods throughout the day to maintain your blood sugar levels, rather than spiking and burning.

Second, since you're controlling your blood sugar levels, you don't get cravings and then eat unhealthy snacks.

Third, it's cheaper than going out for lunch or buying a pre-made lunch.

Fourth, eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are the only way to properly get the vitamins and minerals your body needs for thinking, preventing viruses, and exercise.

So think about grazing today--pack your lunch bag full of yummy, natural deliciousness (and a little treat of some dark chocolate doesn't hurt). And, if you're in the UK, think about signing up for Graze. I can't wait to check out my first box next week!


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