15 August 2009

I finished my book!

Yay! I've been saying I'll finish it for much too long, and now I finally got to the end!!! This is not the end, as there is one more book in the series coming out in the future. But I did enjoy the book, and I'm always sad when I come to the last page. Farewell, Brisingr.

I'd also like to pat myself on the back for not blogging about a particular frustration of mine. No, I'm going to let go because it's not worth my time to be upset about it.

I'm about to watch an episode or two of Firefly with Sissa. I'm really loving this series, and I'm sad there's only one season to watch (as it was canceled after 14 episodes), plus a movie (Serenity). It really is a great show, though. I guess people didn't catch on to how great it is until it was over. Such a bummer. But I'm going to relish every moment of it :.)


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  1. I can also say that I am happy you finished Brisingr. Now I have to rush through all of those pages so I can finish it before school.


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