03 February 2011

Remix Day 1: One Way or Another

I like that Kendi names each outfit, so I'm thinking I'll do the same, though I can't promise to (a) keep it up, (b) keep it original, or (c) keep it classy.

Today has been kind of a stressful day. I felt a little bit overwhelmed at work, & on top of that, I made a snide-ish comment about another Team Member who, as a customer in the coffee bar, was a bit rude to me. I worried all evening that he had overheard me, & I felt a bit childish. After my shift, however, I was assured that he heard none of the conversation.

At any rate, knowing that I was wearing a cute outfit (unlike many tee&jean days at work) made me feel a bit more above it all. The glass of wine I'm currently drinking also helps.



  1. love this idea! i have such a hard time keeping it fresh...what a great idea!

    also- i started to blog again! i need to. it's a wonderful way to connect online, isn't it? (www.amandafoley.wordpress.com)

    also, europe-wise, I assume you're heading over to visit Jonty? You must be so excited! How long are you staying? ....since you mentioned that you'll be in California in April, I assume you're not moving there right now...right?

    Woah- that's just too many questions, I'm sorry!

    Anyways lovely lady, I hope the rest of your week & your weekend is fantastic. Really looking forward to meeting you and seeing your beautiful state in a few months!

  2. Hey Amanda! Yes, I'm going to visit Jonty, and also to attend my graduation ceremony. I'll be over there for two weeks, part of which will be in Berlin (5 days). I'm not moving there yet, but I plan to do so mid-summer. I'm definitely looking forward to our meet-up! I've always got a mental to-see list going :.)


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