07 February 2011

Remix Day 5: Five, Stay Alive

Have you guys ever played the drinking game Kings (aka Kings Cup)? In our version of the game (& there are many), when you pick up a 5 card, you say "Five, stay alive," & the last person to put their hands up to their head in moose antlers has to drink.

Today was a gorgeous day. Not that I spent much of it outside, except for this mini photo shoot (Let's be honest, sunglasses would have helped with the squinting & the lack of makeup) & my lunch break. But that lunch break was beautiful. Until I spilled my lunch onto the ground & then dropped my phone into the mess... Luckily, when I told a co-worker about it, she laughed at me, & that made me crack up - & I felt so much better! It's fun to laugh at life.

After work, some co-workers & I went to Peet's Coffee & Tea for a cuppa & then to The Counter for burgers & beers. Although we mixed things up & didn't get either discount we anticipated, we still had a great time celebrating one girl's last day & laughing & getting to know each other in a way that we don't get time for at work. In short, it was a lovely evening.

And I'll be in bed by 11:00 - yes!!!

The necklace & earrings I wore today are my new favorites! Especially the necklace, which is both funky & delicate at the same time - so perfect. I ordered them at a jewelry party I had a couple of weeks ago (don't worry, it was before the Remix began), along with a nice pair of studs & a sweet little necklace with a heart-design key & lock.

They just came in the mail last week, & it's so much fun to have new jewelry to play with!

Do you have a favorite jewelry purchase?


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  1. That outfit is cute. Love the color combo


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