06 February 2011

Remix Day 4: Four Score & Seven Years Ago

It's close enough to Presidents' Day to bring up Abe Lincoln, right? I may use this title again at Day 7...

I've noticed that I dress a bit more fashionably when I go to work now that I'm doing the Remix. I think it has made me realize that I'd usually throw on just jeans & a tee shirt to work, & when I think about photographing & posting it I realize how boring it is! So I throw on a scarf & feel better all day :.)

I've got some delicious cookies in the oven - vanilla sugar, brown sugar, oats, almond butter, peanuts, dried cranberries, coconut oil - so I better go before I burn them.

I hope everyone has a fun & safe Superbowl Sunday tomorrow!


P.S. My terrible face in the bottom photo cannot be blamed on iPhoto's red eye reducer today. I'm blaming it on bad sun location & no makeup (I was leaving for work & usually pretty myself up in the car in the parking lot). I really don't look like that - I promise!

1 comment:

  1. Don't be daft, girl. You look fantastic!
    You're so slim too! But in a healthy-looking way. Very fit!


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