09 February 2011

Remix Day 7: Lucky Number Slevin

Today was my last day off before my big trip! The next six days will involve getting up super early, working hard, working out, cleaning, & packing. I'm trying to psyche myself up - woooo!

This evening, two girlfriends from high school & I went out to the local(ish) Pyramid microbrewery for dinner & then across the street to a new bar for a drink. The bar, called Dive Bar, had a mermaid in the fish tank! It was pretty cool but also slightly creepy. The Midori Sour, on the other hand, was fabulous.

P.S. Did you ever see the film Lucky Number Slevin? I highly recommend it.



  1. I love the socks/tights combo. Very cute.

    All I remember from Lucky Number Slevin is Josh Hartnett in nothing but a towel haha So it was a good movie ;)

    I appear to have fallen behind, where is this trip of yours taking you?

  2. Thank you! My mom left these socks on my desk the other day as a surprise :.)

    My trip will be taking me to England for my graduation (MA) & to visit my boyfriend. During my two weeks there, I'll also be heading to Berlin, Germany with my boyfriend & my previous housemates (one of whom is German) for five days!


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