20 February 2011

Remix Days 15, 16, & 17: It's like I'm living in a teenage dream

The past few days have been pretty slow-paced: a bit of sleeping in, watching movies at Jonty's house, eating yummy food, relaxing. I'm glad I set aside the first few days to just chill after being away from him for a month & a half. Also, my mom & her fiance Doug came to Jonty's town to have dinner with us & Jonty's parents, which was really cool! (By the way, I didn't slip in a new pair of red shoes - the bottom photo is taken in my socks [& sans makeup] because we didn't leave the house for most of the day.)

Today, we got a pretty late start & got to Bristol relatively late in the day. But we just got back from having dinner (awesome mushroom risotto & a salad with a great homemade dressing) & watching a film (The Fall - which I highly recommend!!!) at a friend's house. The journey back included a pretty stroll down Lover's Walk.

I promise this outfit looks better either with the coat buttoned or off - I usually don't match my coat with what it's going to cover up anyway.

This is the first time my mom & Doug have been to Bristol (Southwest England - where I went to university last year, for any newbies). Tomorrow, I'll start showing them around, yay!

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend as much as I am.



  1. Cute outfits! And you look so happy in your pic with your guy <3

  2. Aw you cutiepies! You look so happy to be re-united!
    Were you all excited by the time you landed at Heathrow? Everytime I'm landing (or Nick's landing) and we re-unite at an airport.. my heart skips a beat.
    Love your outfit with the green skirt.


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