17 February 2011

Remix Days 13 & 14: My Travel Outfit

This is my favorite travel outfit. I wear it on all long-haul flights & pretty much any time that I want to be extra comfortable. You really can't beat leggings, a loose-ish cotton dress, & a soft, warm gray sweater.

"Travel?" you may ask. Why, yes. Yesterday, I arrived across the pond in the good ol' United Kingdom. Jonty (my boyfriend) picked me up at the airport, & we went straight to one of my favorite spots in Oxford - The Trout. (Remember my previous visits to this lovely restaurant?) 

I ordered the margharita pizza - arguably the best in the world - tea, & a green salad, which turned out to be even more delicious than I expected. I sort of worried that "green salad" would mean pretty much just lettuce... but actually, it was a gorgeous mix of watercress, cucumber, green beans, spring onion, and a basil olive oil. The weather was actually beautiful as well, & we took a short peek at the river (& the awesome domestic peacock!) after lunch.

By the way, the result of my ten-hour flight across eight time zones means that on Days 13 & 14 I actually wore the same outfit. But I think that's an effective use of my clothing nevertheless.

Stay tuned for more adventures in more outfits!


P.S. RIP gray cashmere sweater... This one won't ever truly replace you.


  1. Traveling in anything with a waistband is miserable - nice choice!

  2. Oh, the trout! I love the trout. So many lovely lunches spent at the trout....

    And I think that is a tres cute outfit regardless of it's comfort level or not :).

  3. Yes, margharita pizza is the best.

  4. looove that navy dress! I have a great giveaway going on! 2 necklaces and a foulard! Please, come follow me... http://desperate4fashion.blogspot.com


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