04 February 2011

Remix Day 2: Two of a Kind

I think today's title is very fitting because this evening I saw Black Swan. Oh my goodness, have you seen it?! *Spoiler alert*, but that movie is messssed up. It was fantastically done, & I'm still thinking about it, which means something, but man... I'm a bit speechless, to be honest.

In any case, I'm leading a double life today. I decided that, rather than cross things off my To-Do List, I would just avoid responsibility by spending a couple of hours at the gym, reading at Starbucks, & having dinner at a friend's house & catching a flick with her. After yesterday's craziness, it feels good.

And tomorrow? I've decided it's going to be a great, productive, pleasant, energetic day. I hope you have a Friday like that too!

First step: Get to sleep at a decent hour (which was an hour ago... oops!). Night night!


P.S. Why do I look crazy in the first photo, you ask? Because of the film. Okay, fine, iPhoto's red eye reducer & I got in a fight, & it won.

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  1. I adore the colour of your sweater! (Confusing canadian, I know, we spell colour the british way, but we still say sweater instead of jumper.)

    We have the same (or almost the same) colour hair and turquoise-y colours and yellows look amazing with dark hair.

    Have an absolutely fantastic weekend Sabrina!


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