15 February 2011

Remix Days 10, 11, & 12: Something something delve...

Spring came early to Sacramento. The weather was ridiculously pleasant this weekend, & blooms are sprouting up. Which is beautiful, minus the massive hayfever I dealt with yesterday & today. I woke up this morning with swollen tonsils, & my nose is continually running. And then today, it rained. Which one would think would prevent weather-related allergens from entering the air, but I would have to disagree. In any case, here are this weekend's outfits (top two) along with my festive yet understated Valentine's Day attire for today.

I'm glad today was my last day of work for a while - I'm exhausted from the past week! I'm partially prepared to leave for my little adventure tomorrow, but I think I'll have to continue in the morning because I am simply bushed!

I hope everyone had a love-filled Valentine's Day today, whether it was celebrating a spouse, friends, random friendly people, or even just yourself - because you're worth it! Don't let the love stop at midnight!


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  1. Love your Valentines Day outfit! Simple, yet so pretty!


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