10 August 2009


New look: I changed my template/colors. Now [scattered thoughts by breenuh] has the vibe I want :.)

New blog: This evening, I started a new blog called [blist by breenuh], a blog of lists. It's my first attempt at a theme, and I plan to post lists of anything and everything. I'm very excited about it.

New music: Lady and the Lost Boys, a band from the UK that Jonty introduced me to. Listen to the song "AdVentura."

New week: This week will be quite full for me. Work at one or more jobs every day, drive-ins, Zumba (an amazing Latin-themed dance-aerobics class), river train with the fam, cleaning my car, and the final bit of cleaning left in my room (my desk & vacuuming/dusting). I hopefully will also find time to finish my book!

New fact: The difference between "every day" and "everyday" is that every day means each day while everyday is an adjective (for example, this is an everyday mistake). I always wondered if I was using the correct one, and now I know how to differentiate. Proper grammar makes me happy.

I played some music with my mom and her fiance Doug tonight. Doug played the guitar and sang, my mom played the pennywhistle, and I sang and attempted to play the guitar. I had a really nice time, and I definitely feel a confidence boost in my guitar-playing potential. Even with a few songs/lessons from Jonty and Doug, I feel much more comfortable in my attempts. (However, it may be a while before I can play an entire song on my own...)

I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow! Try not to catch that case of the Mondays that is sure to be going around.


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