21 August 2009

I ♥ Finding a New Cafe

Temple Fine Coffee & Tea has opened a new location in Sacramento. Sissa and I checked it out this morning when we met my mom for a coffee break. I'm loving the atmosphere (and of course the coffee)!

The natural ashy stain on the wood won me over.

It's very open, with a nice big wall of windows.

I enjoyed an amazing pumpkin muffin, delicious organic & single origin coffee, great books, & some philosophy research. What could be better? Also, this was Delilah's first time out of the house. (Delilah is my new Mac's name.)

I looked around and realized I fit pretty well into the stereotype of someone who would hang out at an independent coffeehouse. But I don't mind so much; of all the stereotypes to be under, I would most likely choose this one.

Not a bad way to spend my morning. I'm going to miss all of my spots (new & old) in Sac. But it will definitely be fun to find new cafes (& bookstores, etc.) in Bristol.


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