16 August 2009

Nice Night on the River Train

I just got home from a great evening with my family. We went on the Sacramento River Train, where we had a very nice dinner (bread, salad, roast beef, vegetables, potatoes au gratin), wine, and dessert (carrot cake). Then we listened to some live music in the lounge car and watched the scenery in the open air car. It was lovely to have a night out with them, as I leave in less than two weeks and I'm going to miss them loads. Here are a few photos from the night:

My sister and I are quite a pair when it comes to taking photos, as you may have noticed.

All of the lovely wine has made me exhausted. Time for bed! :.)

Have I mentioned I finished my book?



  1. SABRINA! i totally feel you- me and my sister have a ridiculous time taking pictures. but those pictures look SO FUN. i promise to write soon, but until then, keep blogging! MISS YOU!!! b9 love always

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun! I've only been to Sac town (is that cool/uncool to call it that) a handful of times. I'll need to check this out sometime!

  3. "Sac town" is definitely an appropriate term :.)

    This train ride was technically outside of town (started in Woodland), but it was still the Sacramento River. I would recommend it. There are earlier trains (barbeque included) for those of us that aren't late-nighters. AND they have Murder Mystery dinners, which I really want to check out!


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