07 August 2009

Hello, my name is Sabrina

...and I'm a blog-aholic. Seriously. My life has become a series of potential blog posts, and I'm up to my ears in blogs to follow. In fact, I should really whittle out some of the less interesting ones from my list.

Now that we're on the subject, I'd like to discuss technology. While it is amazing that we can be connected with a click of the mouse (and possibly a longish phone call with our beloved Comcast employees), technology is becoming scarily important to Western culture. My cousin recently posted a status that said, "You know you're addicted to Facebook when you check your newsfeed at commercials." Too true, Amber. That being said, I wouldn't even be in contact with this cousin unless Facebook existed, since I hadn't spoken to her in years (and hadn't even heard of her new baby) until she found me online. I definitely find myself being consumed by technology: Facebook, e-mail, Google, Skype, iTunes, iPod, cell phone, TV, Blogger. I can even check Facebook and e-mail on my cell, which I must admit I take advantage of much more often than is necessary. I'm thankful to be able to connect with people so easily, but it maybe has gone too far. Now I'm not saying we should all unplug our fuse boxes and read by candlelight (thought that might be fun!), but I think our society would be much happier if we took a step back and looked at our use of technology. It has become a knee-jerk reaction that is taking up way too much of our precious time to spend with loved ones, be creative, or get some exercise. There's no way I'm going to stop blogging, but I can at least wait until I get home to check my Facebook.

On another note, I'm considering this theme for my going away shindig: Red Lipstick & Mustaches. Here is an example, courtesy of Brad and Angelina (except imagine a whole group of people with this look!).

A scavenger hunt may be involved as well, but I'm still deliberating.

Today is day two of serious cleaning. We're having a yard sale tomorrow, so I want to be ready!


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