18 August 2009

Mini Rant Sesh

Okay I just deleted an entire rant to save anyone reading this from my inane ramblings. (Hence, "mini" rant sesh.)

I have taken a deep breath. Perhaps I should take another one now... *inhale* *exhale*

All I will say is that I am sick of dealing with, and worrying about, my application for a UK visa. I have an appointment tomorrow to get my biometric data (aka photo & fingerprints) taken, and then I can send it off. Though I'll still be worrying about it until I have my passport back in my hand, stamped and ready for my adventure.

While I'm being Negative Nancy, I will say that lately I've really been finding out who my true friends are. It's sad that I was extending so much effort and time to people who don't put out the same energy.

But I will put my Miss Sunshine hat back on and say that I am actually happy to be learning who I can really count on because I am able to concentrate on spending time with these people that really matter, rather than running around trying to see and please everyone. It simplifies my life a bit. And I think we can all use a bit more simplicity...



  1. I feel ya on finding out who your true friends are :/ I often feel like I'm expending a lot more energy and emotion on some people than they do on me. (I am so not helping you get out of your negative nancy mood am I? haha ok I'll stop.)

    Anyway, I hope everything works out with your visa soon -- I know how stressful that stuff can be!

  2. I lurve you sissa. You can always some to me to cheer you up and give you a hug!


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