27 August 2009

My Final Week

I leave for the UK at 6am one week from tomorrow. As I begin my last week in America for a while, I am realizing this next few days will be very eventful. [Keep in mind that I will be running around like a mad woman and packing throughout all of this.]

My last day working for Tahoe Creamery will be Saturday. I have already said good-bye to the Roseville Whole Foods, and Saturday will be Arden's turn. I've gotten to know the stores and the employees so well this summer, and it's weird that it's all ending.

My last River Cats game will be Friday, which I'm sure will be a busy night, and I can't believe I won't be watching any more games, joking with old men about ordering more beers, or dancing with Dinger (the mascot) and children. This season has been so much fun, and it's ending so fast.

Speaking of jobs, my bookstore gig will be over the day before I leave as well. In fact, I will be working pretty much up to the point of hopping into the car to head to San Francisco.

Friday (after work), I have some pretty mind boggling (and Top Secret!) plans with a few friends that I'm really excited about.

Saturday night will be my going away party, which I am both excited and nervous about, as I invited lots of my friends and pretty much the entire Whole Foods store at both locations. Hopefully only the coolest will show (and bring their own drinks)!

Sunday will be my very first grown-up wedding. My friends Valerie and Zach will be having an evening wedding, and I'll be showing up with two of my very best gal pals. I'll be happy to arrive with friends, as I expect many of the groom's guests to be glaring in my direction. You see, my ex-boyfriend is a groomsman, and while he and I are on good terms, several of his friends are angry with me about the breakup. It's completely ridiculous, and I shouldn't care about them, but in a way I do because they were my friends once too. Plus, I don't like to be viewed as the bad guy, especially when the whole situation hurt me too and there was nothing I wanted less than to hurt this guy who is one of the nicest people I know and who I still consider a friend. Bleh, I digress, but you can see why I'm a bit anxious about the wedding. Above all, though, I am excited for the wedding and so happy for the newlyweds!

Well, I am wasting away one of my last nights with my best friend, my sister. I'm going to miss her so very very very much. So I must go.


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  1. i will miss you too sissa.
    i love you...
    and you blog.


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