24 August 2009

Sleep Talking

...is proof that Whoever Is Up There has a sense of humor.

This happened when I woke my sister up the other night, after she had taken a Tylenol PM. I wrote it down so I would remember to tell her in the morning, & I just found the note. Amazing.

Stephanie: "It's just really cute."
Me: "Hm?"
Stephanie: "It's just really cute."
Me: "Uhm, what is?"
Stephanie: "Didn't you ask me why I keep the hammer?"
[And then she fell back into a deep sleep.]

When I was a little girl, maybe around five years old, my Grandpa Gary told me that he didn't dream, that he had stopped years ago. I couldn't believe it! As a kid I had such vibrant dreams (& still do sometimes, though more are nightmares nowadays), and the thought of having none made absolutely no sense to me. In fact, I felt bad for Grandpa. I wonder why some people remember their dreams and others don't. Dreams have always interested me, maybe because it's one of the few things on Earth that we still don't quite understand. I think if I would have remained a Psychology major I would have studied them in more detail. Maybe I still will--I do plan on being a lifelong student, after all.

Well, I'm off to experience dreams myself! Night!



  1. I think my ex-roommate had the best sleep talking.
    "The jellyfish. Not the jellyfish."
    It was pleasant night entertainment.


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