14 August 2009

Growing Up

It's such a strange feeling to be growing up. It just hit me, literally, yesterday. A good friend of mine just signed an agreement for her own, one bedroom apartment. Yes, I've known people to live on their own in the past, but this particular person has been wanting to for a long time. And there is just something about seeing someone's dream (however small it is) come true that made me think, "Wow, we're adults."

The second thing that helped this sink in is that another friend (who also recently graduated from college) has moved across the country to Miami, Florida. She's lucky to have support while she's there, but she's really having to assess what she wants to be doing with her life, even more so than when she first graduated. She's in a new place in her life and has to calculate her next step. I'm really excited for her to have this opportunity, and I know she's going to do well at whatever she decides to do.

While I've lived in the UK before, it's just finally settled in that I will not just be staying there for a while--it will be my home for a whole year. Semi-permanent. Wow. I won't have as many people to rely on to do what needs to be done, like hall advisers, but I know I will still have Jonty and his family, as well as my parents back home, if I need anything.

And it's not just the college graduate, moving away part of growing up that I'm noticing. I'm also noticing more of a taste for the quiet, calm and simple. Not that I'll ever grow out of being childlike (not childish) in many respects, but I can tell I'm maturing. And not completely on purpose, which is the scary part. In fact, my taste in food in changing a lot too. There are several foods that I didn't care for before that I now can enjoy, which I find really weird.

I guess I just find it strange because I've thought myself to be an adult for a while, but now that I'm seeing these changes I realize how young I really was. But I'm liking the changes I'm witnessing. I feel more at peace with the world and with myself in a lot of ways.



  1. I'm always gonna be there for you :) x

  2. it's definitely weird. and scary. but like the best kind of scary, ya know? i'm so excited. and selfishly, i wish you could be here to hang out with me in the new apt. boo on england. see you in the morning. :)


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