18 August 2009

Summer Loves

I've made some wonderful discoveries this summer, and they have carried through and have really become mild obsessions. For good reason, of course. I definitely suggest you check them out too. As obsessions go, I'd say they're good ones.

1. Whole Foods

This store is seriously amazing. When I walk in, I literally want to buy almost everything I see. The prepared food section is TO DIE FOR. And the best part: They don't have anything with preservatives, antibiotics, or other unnatural ingredients, so it's to die for but it won't kill you. On top of all that, the employees ("team members") are such outgoing and sweet people. I have been so blessed to work there this summer. I've learned a lot about food and about what's good for our bodies and our Earth, and I've gotten to know some great people. If you haven't been there, you really must make it a priority to go soon. Preferrably on a weekend so you can get some samples :.)

2. The Open Door EP by Death Cab for Cutie
Even though it's only five songs long, this mini album is one of my favorites. These musicians are so talented, and the lyrics are fantastic! It's nothing less than poetry. I've been especially obsessed with Death Cab's song "Little Bribes":

There's also a lovely live version of the song here.

3. ModCloth
Warning: Don't follow this link if you can't control your purchasing when you see great clothes/accessories/apartment decor. I'm telling you, you will want to buy just about everything you click on. I've noted some of their lovely items before. I especially love their dresses!

4. Polyvore
This site is lots of fun. You can shop, create sets (like the one above), and look at sets other users have made. It's a great way to play with shapes and colors, to plan an outfit, or to just be creative.

5. Blogs
Maybe I don't have to say this because I'm blogging at the moment (well, actually you're reading it at the moment but let's not get technical), but I have fallen in love with all things blog. I think of what I may want to mention in my blog throughout the day, consider creative options, and follow quite a few blogs as well. It's such a nice way to connect with yourself and with the world--I've even been getting some of my friends (and my sister) into it. And I was actually thinking earlier today that my friends/family must be thankful for my new blogging habit because I can use it as an outlet for what I like and what I'm thinking--and so maybe I go on and on about things a bit less ;.)

I'm leaving in a bit for my last Zumba class with Rachel. Then, after shower/dinner, we're going to the drive-in theater (accompanied also by Sissa), and we plan to stay for two movies (adventurous, I know). I'm not sure what we're going to see, since The Proposal isn't playing tonight as we had hoped, but I'm sure it will be fun nevertheless.


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