07 August 2009

Thank you bookstore employee

I was working at the bookstore today, and I kept walking by these boxes with this note posted on it. Every time I saw it I giggled to myself, and I just had to share it! I'd like to say thanks to "Cal" for such a great choice of words.

I have some ideas I wanted to write about, but I'm just too exhausted at the moment. Hopefully I'll write them down soon before they're gone.

One quick suggestion: Buy a small container of lemon yogurt. Put a spoon in it and place it in the freezer for a few hours. (You may want to cover it with plastic wrap or cut a slit in the lid and slide it over the spoon.) Remove from container. (You may need to use a butter knife to help your popsicle out of the container.) Eat and enjoy! I'm doing so right now, and it is lovely. I'm also going to sit down and hopefully finish my book.


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  1. cal, oh cal. what a funny guy. i like him because from day one he called me rach. never rachel.


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