09 August 2009

Misprint/Second Saturday

At work today (at Whole Foods in Roseville), I just couldn't let this misprint go. Baked Potato Chips, not Bakes' Potato Chips. How do you mess that up?

Just got back from my LAST Second Saturday, at least for a while. The outing was a good-bye for Denise, but I felt like it was my farewell to Sacramento culture as well. I had a great time, despite (and maybe because of) the very strange people who approached us this evening. I also learned that Long Beach Iced Teas from California Pizza Kitchen are the most delicious drink ever. Perhaps more updates are to come about the strange guy named Michael who wants to go to coffee if my boyfriend says it's okay... aka never.

Two o'clock in the morning. Bedtime. Stay classy, Sacramento.


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