14 August 2009

My Wish List

An old fashioned suitcase may be a bit inconvenient but it looks so vintage and funky.

This Retro Blackboard from ModCloth has my name all over it. It's so me it's ridiculous. And it's only $8. If only I could fit it in my suitcase...

This I could fit in my suitcase. I love the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series, and I just stumbled across this one. Sounds fantastic.

Because I'm moving to the land of rain, I've been obsessing over autumn dresses (aka with sleeves). This one from ModCloth wins by far. It is the most lovely dress I can think of. And sadly it's out of stock :.(

I had training in the textbook office today. It seems like my new job will be pretty sweet. I mean, I actually get to sit down while I work. Considering the last time I sat at work was almost two years ago, that's luxurious. In a cushioned chair on rollers at that. And I get a walkie talkie, which I think definitely makes me official. When things get busy, I know I will be busy. But it will be a good experience.

I feel like I could really finish my book (Brisingr by Christopher Paolin) tonight. Or perhaps tomorrow morning. It could happen.


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  1. Hi Breenuh,
    Thanks for featuring our items on your blog! I think you should make room for the chalk board in your suitcase! Also be sure to sign up for our 'Notify me on Restock' feature on our site, and you'll receive an e-mail as soon as its back in stock! Have a nice weekend!
    <3 Aire


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