05 August 2009

I just love this music video!

It is for the song Saturday Waits by Lonely, Dear.

I just got back from having coffee at Naked Lounge downtown with a guy who went to University of Bristol in the UK, where I will be starting a Masters program this fall. It was nice to get some questions answered. I'm getting nervous though! I'm not sure what to do my essay units on. I plan to go back through some old notes/books/papers in the next month so I can hopefully narrow it down.

But before I can do that I MUST organize my life! My bedroom/purse/car/desk have become really disheveled and I need to find a place for everything and put everything in its place before my brain can function properly again. Time to crank up some Nickelback and get some cleaning in before I work at the River Cats game tonight!


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